Blox Fruits Map: All Islands, Locations, and Level Requirements

Blox Fruits is one the most famous metaverse games and is giving tough competition to other Roblox gameplay. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world is evolving continuously and with every evolution there comes a new technology. Thus, this Blox Fruits game is based on modern technology and the ultra-resolution display makes the user’s experience worthwhile.

Now let’s talk about this game first as this game is all about power, pirates, bosses, and marines. Therefore, in this gameplay, you have to be the stronger player and survive in the vast ocean. Additionally, there will be several locations to discover, maps to uncover, secrets to unlock, and much more.

I will tell you about the Blox Fruits map’s islands, locations, and level requirements in this article. This guide will help you level up and get the top rank. Furthermore, you will get to know about the searching fruits, NPCs, enemies, etc.

Are you ready to dive into this mysterious game? If so then, let’s go.

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Blox Fruits Map Complete Level Guide

Here you will discover each patch, different levels, and various locations. So, before this new version, there were no updates about the locations in the game. Thus, now is the time when the developers have keenly observed all the platforms. The developers have provided the complete level and location updates. Hence, this is the time to embrace new revelations and dig into a world full of adventure.

Discover The First Sea

So, this is the location from where your voyage and the utmost adventure begin. The first is also known as the Old World and it is located on the starter Pirate Island. Additionally, there are a total of 13 various landmarks that you can discover from here.

LandmarkLevel Requirements
Starter Pirate Island0- 10
Starter Marine Island0-10
Pirate village30-60
Middle Island100
Frozen village90-120
Marine Fortress120-150
Skylands150- 200
Prison190- 275
Colosseum225- 300
Magma Village300
Underwater city375- 450
Fountain city450- 700
Explore The Second Sea

Now here comes the second sea which is renowned as the New World comes along 10 various landmarks. Furthermore, it would be a lot of fun here and you will get to explore various things. The pirates also discovered a new currency here which they named fragments.

You should take a note here that before diving into the adventure of the second sea you have to complete level 700. Furthermore, the military NPC quest is also the utter requirement here and without completing these levels you cannot get to the final level.

PlacesLevel Requirements
Kingdom of Rose 700-850
Usoapp’s Island700
Mansion 800
Green Zone875-925
Snow Mountain1000- 1050
Hot and cold1100-1200
Cursed ship1200-1325
Ice Castle1350-1400
The CaféSafe Zone
Dive into The Third Sea

Similar to the second sea the third sea has the requirement of 1500 level or more. Additionally, you should know that this big island is further divided into smaller islands. There would be a sea of treats where there would be a huge map to uncover. Thus, keep hustling to get somewhere.

PlacesLevel Requirements
Port Town1500-1575
Hydra Island1575-1675
Great Tree1700-1750
Floating Turtle1775-2000
Haunted Castle2000-2075
Sea of Treats2075-2275
Castle on the SeaAny Level
MansionSafe Zone

How to level up in the Blox Fruits and Discover the Map?

If you discuss the matter of levels in the Blox Fruits game and continuing the voyage then, it’s quite complex. So, you don’t have to worry because it’s difficult but surely not impossible. The players are instructed to fight with guns, devil fruits, and more weapons. In addition to this, the game allows players to fight with battle enemies and boost their levels.

You can get rewards, fighting guns, devil fruits, and more to face the lethal bosses. Some powerful bosses try to take command but be careful. Furthermore, there would be a high-resolution anime fighting with the pirates to move ahead. The game is not just about fighting and discovering locations but about getting coins, and perks along with several boosters.


Can I directly discover the second sea?

No, technically you have to follow the complete map guide. The second sea which is also known as the new world is generally based on the first sea location. Therefore, there are several levels that you have to pass. Hence, there would be a total of 1,500 levels that the player should cover and then, come towards this new world called the Second Sea.

Can we be the pirate or marine in the game?

Yes, it is up to you which character you want to choose. So, when you first get into the game there would be an instructional guide. Thus, read that guide carefully and after that, the game would ask your choice. You can choose the character whatever you want and have fun discovering the huge mysterious map.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the Roblox Blox Fruit Maps, all-island, location, and level requirements. Now you must have the idea that this game is not that simple. So, gaming skills, critical ideology, and deep analysis are required to play this game. Therefore, keep on leveling up and this is the only way you can uncover various locations and islands here. 

Stay tuned for more informative articles on your favorite gameplays. 

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