How to Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master? Hide Your Village

In this whole gaming world coin master is the leading game and is one of the favorites among youngsters. So, this game is developed keeping in mind the interest of players. You cannot deny the fact that it has the best gaming strategy. Furthermore, most of the users wish to play the game after activating the ghost mode. Now you might be thinking about this ghost mode but don’t worry because I am here to tell you this.

In this article, I have come up with a summary of how to activate the ghost mode in coin master. Therefore, you have to be very careful while reading this tutorial and try not to miss any details. The game allows you to win free coins, free spins, free pets, and whatnot. Thus, this ghost mode is something like these rewards. Hence, without further ado let’s begin the details about this ghost mode and I hope you will find it easy.

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What should you know about Coins Master Ghost Mode?

So, if you used to play coin master then, you must know that there is nothing like a ghost mode. You might be curious then, why are we talking about this ghost mode, right? Keep calm, the official version of coin master has not come with any ghost mode. Even though no ghost mode exists in the game and the developers have claimed this thing.

Let me tell you guys that this ghost mode is mainly approved by the players. Yes, there is no ghost mode in the game but to keep their privacy the players activate this mode. Thus, this ghost mode makes you invisible and no one can track you. Additionally, no one can even track you with your name or ID and this makes you ghost on that platform.

How to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master?

It is very simple to activate the ghost mode in the Coin Master game. You don’t have to follow a lengthy procedure instead use these simple directions. Let’s find out those directions.

  • Open the coin master game from the menu
  • Now quit the game and go to the Facebook app
  • There you have to go to the settings
  • In the settings, you will find the apps and websites details
  • Go to the apps and check the coin master game
  • You must have login with your Facebook
  • Thus, remove the game from there
  • When you click on the remove button your Facebook login will be removed
  • So, again open the game but this time open it with guest mode
  • In this way, you will play the game as a ghost and no one can recognize you

What are the benefits of Ghost Mode?

There are many perks of using the ghost mode in the coin master game. You cannot neglect the immense advantage of being free from raids. Furthermore, even while in ghost mode you still can see your friends. Additionally, you will protect yourself from intruders and from any hacking risk which is quite common nowadays. In this way, you can easily play the coin master without wasting your coins and you can save a lot at the end.


Can I hide my village in ghost mode?

Yes, you can easily hide your village in the coin master ghost mode because no one can see you there. In this regard, you can play the game without any invasion.

Is it possible to deactivate the ghost mode?

Of course, you can easily deactivate the ghost mode. So, the process is very simple because you can deactivate this mode after logging in from Facebook. Additionally, you can also remove this mode by communicating with your friends in the game. After deactivating this mode the game becomes more challenging and interesting to play.

What happens in ghost mode?

Nothing special happens in the ghost mode. You just become invisible in the game because there you will have no identity. Thus, you will play there as a guest and can save yourself from the sudden raid. Hence, the ghost mode keeps you limited and private.


So, peeps, this was all about how to activate ghost mode in coin master and its advantages. Now it’s up to you whether you want to be active in this mode or not. Additionally, the game allows you to protect yourself from any hazards. You can protect your identity, your coins, free spins, and much more. Therefore, your chances of winning increase in this way.

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