Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid Jackpot Sammy (Tips and Tricks)

If you are an Animal Kingdom games lover then, Jackpot Sammy will be your wish to play. In this post, you will discover how to win Jackpot Sammy in Animal Kingdom Coin Raid gameplay. Thus, there will come many challenges to complete.

Have a look and begin the game.

How to start Jackpot Sammy in Animal Kingdom?

Jackpot Sammy is a small game in Animal Kingdom and acquires 15 various levels. The players are instructed to complete those levels and win multiple prizes.

If you are still confused about gaming strategy then, this guide will help you. Furthermore, it’s all about a snake and some cups. The game is highly unpredictable and luckily you can get to the final level.

How to play Jackpot Sammy in Animal Kingdom Gameplay?

Before going towards the Jackpot Sammy gameplay, you need to know how to win Jackpot Sammy in Animal Kingdom. So, without winning this you cannot play it and for this, you need several rewards. In the animal kingdom coin raid game, you have to complete the mission by collecting items. Thus, there will be a bar to complete and after that, you can win Jackpot Sammy to play.

Jackpot Sammy is quite a fun game to play and it is very easy to win as well. So, when it comes to Jackpot Sammy then, there are some cups and snakes involved in this game.

Without further delay let’s find the process to play.

  • In this game, there will be three cups before you
  • So, take one cup and have a look
  • If the cup has a snake then, you are out
  • Otherwise, the game will continue to the next level
  • Thus, in the case of a snake, your energy will be drained
  • Therefore, you will need to watch ads and videos
  • You will lose all coins and energy
  • Boost your energy first and restart playing
  • You will need to finish all the stages to get the grand prize

What are some rules to play Jackpot Sammy in Animal Kingdom?

There are no specific rules to follow in Jackpot Sammy. It is very simple gameplay and it is just for fun. You don’t need to be very serious about this game because it’s all about luck. Jackpot Sammy offers the cups and there will be no specific method to follow for removing these cups.

In addition to this, you can use your experience to be aware of the snake but this all will be in vain. The players can lose all their energy if the snake appears. Therefore, there are two ways for them. The first one is to regain energy by watching ads and the other one is to start over.

Furthermore, to play the Jackpot Sammy game and to win you will need gems, etc. Therefore, collect enough gems and coins to keep playing. The game may be expensive for some if they lose all their energy and gems. In this situation, they should stop playing it and restart from the first level.


How to play Jackpot Sammy when you lose all your energy?

In such cases, you can boost your energy by watching gaming ads and videos. These ads and videos will give you free rewards. You can use these rewards to continue playing the game. Otherwise, you will lose all your coins and other rewards.

Should I continue the game in an energy-draining situation?

We advise you to don’t because this can lead you toward the worst situation. Jackpot Sammy in the animal kingdom is a game based on gems and coins. Therefore, if you lose them all then, there will be no chance to play this game. Hence, regain your energy first and start again to get the epic win. Other than that, you will regret your decision.

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