What is Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits | Is Spike Fruit Good?

Who doesn’t like to play with blox fruit? Of course, everyone loves this game and it’s fun strategic play. The game has some features that are still unknown to some beginners. So, I brought this article to you to let you know what is spike fruit in blox fruit. Additionally, I will also guide you about whether spike fruit is good or not along with the combos & movesets guide.

Don’t delay further and let’s get towards more information.

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Spike Fruit in Blox Fruit Gameplay

Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits
Spike Fruit

If you are a Blox fruit player then, you must know that spike is an average fruit. The fruit is available in some versions and you cannot find it anywhere. So, as the fruit is rare, everyone tries to steal it in some way. Although it is a rare fruit still you can find this one easily while dealing with some other players. It is not very costly and can be easily bought for some $175,000.

The interesting thing here about the spike fruit in blox fruit gameplay is that this fruit helps you in getting the win. Furthermore, the fruit can take you toward the advanced levels. Many players love to play with this fun item and can catch it easily even if they are beginners. Also, it is very cheap and demands very less energy.

Another fun fact that I would like to share here about the spike fruit in the Blox fruit game is that you can create various combos. The fruit is very famous, common, cost-effective, and exciting. That’s why players like to have combinations with it. You cannot say it is the best fruit but it’s worth using till you find the best one.

Is Spike Fruit Good for Combos or Not?

Well, it depends on your game and your gaming skills along with your strategy to play. All these three things are different. So, if you have fewer resources and money then, it is quite a good option to choose.

Because it is common, can easily be found, is less costly, is good for games, and can be set with all. Thus, you can try its combination with all other fruits. For these reasons, you can consider it as a good fruit in the blox fruit game with maximum pros.

Blox Fruits Spike Best Combos and Movesets

It would be difficult here to mention the best combos and movesets in blox fruit. This is because it depends on how you play this game. So, when you start the game everything depends on you. I would say that you should try all the combinations because no one knows which works best for you.

Thus, try to combine them all one by one and try to make symmetrical sets. In the end, you will have your best spike combos and movesets. But still for your ease I have mentioned some of the movesets below and you can try them for sure.


This moveset requires an X key and you have to be at level 25 to try this moveset. Additionally, the set demands of spreading the arms and holding on to amend the damage.

Spike barrage

Spike barrage has the V key and you need to be at level 75 for this movement. Try to collect the whole bunch of spikes and hold longer for huge spikes. This can be a good form of movesets.

Spike summon

Its key is Z and it just demands the mystery level 1. Additionally, you can multiply your spikes using the summon and hold it for a long time to get a better edge.

Spiky ball

The moveset key of the spiky ball is C and you need to have the mystery level 50 for this. Furthermore, it allows players to drag the devil and use spiky balls.


Guys, this was all about spike fruit in Blox Fruit and its movesets plus combos. I hope you have got your answer about whether spike fruit is good for combos or not. So, if you understand the game and the spike fruit role then, start playing.

If you want to have more information about the game then, you can contact us. We can bring more content on related topics in the future.

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