Coin Master Pet Crew Feature (Fully Explained)

In this whole article, you will get to explore the coin master pet crew feature. Pets are the most important elements in coin master. These pets are your companions and your helping hand in getting an easy win.

Furthermore, there are some special skills that these pets use to help you explore the villages. You can choose the pet of your choice, feed them and go on a new adventure. In addition to this, you can also unlock many cards, pets, free spins, and coins with their help.

So, keep on reading this amazing review and discover the pet crew features.

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Explore Coin Master Pet Crew Features

Firstly you should remember that you can join a pet at village number 4. So, these pets are easily available at service. Furthermore, you can get them through the left spin button or by going to the main menu.


Here is the first and the most useful pet that I am going to unveil for you. You can get this pet at village number 4. So, the chanterelle has got premium skills and can help you well in the whole game. Thus, trust me your game will become way more interesting and easier with this pet. You can dig deep into the holes to discover coins, gold, and much more. Additionally, it can help you sniff the hidden treasure which you can redeem before the opponents.


This one is my favorite pet and you can unlock it easily. So, the main aim of this Rhinoceros is to protect your whole village and crew from sudden attacks. The game is so unpredictable and no one knows what’s coming after. Therefore, this pet helps you in getting secured and completely block evil attacks. Additionally, you can level up in a game with the help of rhinoceros but firstly you should collect cards to unlock it.


The king of the jungle tiger is not unfamiliar to anyone. It has the best fighting skills and helps you increase your coins. So, you can unlock a tiger after collecting the best animal cards with a good ratio. Additionally, when you attack the other villages the tiger helps you in winning the game. With its help, you can enhance the level and coins as well.

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How can I hatch the eggs?

There is nothing wrong and it is difficult to hatch eggs. So, you should go to the game menu and start from there. Therefore, go there and click on the eggs to hatch them. This will begin an interesting new adventure for you in the game.


So guys, now you know that it’s quite simple to hatch eggs, unlock pets and collect coins. These were some of the most prominent coin master pet crew features that I fully explained. Now it’s up to you how you plan the winning strategy. Thus, collect cards, unlock pets, and enjoy unlimited coins. Lastly, you should remember to feed your pets well to have a good experience with them.

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