Match Masters Guide: Tips & Tricks Complete Strategy

Match Masters is the most popular game around the world and has won the hearts of millions. It’s a simple puzzle game and you can play it online with your friends as well. So, the game is all about matching the same color pieces and completing the picture. In this way, whenever you complete a piece there comes some winning points with it. Therefore, the player with the best score wins the game and gets the reward as well.

Now talking about this article then, this is especially for you all who want a complete guide. Here we have come up with the Match Masters-Winning Tips and tricks to make you a pro in this game. Thus, don’t miss any detail and thoroughly read the whole review and be the master of this game. You must be craving to know more and for details let’s move ahead.

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Match Masters Gameplay

Match Masters gameplay is not difficult to play but it is considered one of the most simple games around the globe. Now talking about the rules then every step and every level has some different rules. Therefore, when we move ahead in the game it becomes more challenging. Thus, when you start from the beginning level you have to complete 3 puzzles and match the same color pieces. There will be a total of 3 rounds and the one who declares with more points will win this level.

In addition to this, here you get the two moves and you should be very careful while choosing every move. This move can take you near or far from the final win. Furthermore, the good news is that you can get some additional moves if you complete the 4 piece puzzle or more. In this regard, there will be extra moves and extra points waiting for you. The game is quite easy to play and win as well even when you are competing with a champion.

Match Masters Easy Tips and Tricks To Win

Stay Focused

So, the first and most important thing that you will need to do in this game is to be prepared. You should be focused on each level and round. Therefore, at the start, you will have a total of 4 levels and for that, you must complete the puzzles to get the win. Additionally, you should know that there is limited time given to complete the puzzle and for that, you have to be very quick.

Look for blue star pieces

Another tip is that if you are not matching the 3-4 puzzles of the same color then, try to find the blue star. So, this blue star will be your lucky star and you can manage to match many puzzle pieces with this single piece. Therefore, it is a kind of booster that you get after you instantly hit it, and boom, it gives you an energetic vibe.

Match the red pieces

Now the best trick here is that if you are finding it hard to match the blue star then, no worries. What should you do then, right? So, you should start focusing on the red pieces and match the red pieces. You must be thinking what will happen with this? Thus, this thing will let your opponent refrain from getting the booster. Hence, it will take time for them to boost their level and meanwhile, you can activate yours.

Use hammer and shuffle

The hammer is used to hit the puzzle pieces and activate the boosters. Sometimes, it becomes hard to find the blue star and activate the booster. Therefore, these hammers are used and this can help you in finding the one easily. Furthermore, shuffle is used to look for similar color pieces on board because sometimes it’s really hard to search for the match.

Choose variant boosters

Here is the most important tip that every player should know about this match masters gameplay. There is not only one booster available in the game but there are many. Thus, there is a mystery hat, balloon bat, and slime as well. Hence, you should choose various boosters and try your luck anyway. The slime will be of green color and will clear the whole puzzle path for you and level you up.

Use balloon booster

This balloon blast booster will instantly remove the consecutive three columns and you can gain instant points. Thus, when you hit the balloon booster eventually you level up in the game without putting in much effort.

Hit the mystery hat

A mystery that is something special and works like magic. So, when you hit the mystery hat it throws the three pieces on board. You have to hit on one of the pieces and it will activate a special booster for you. Thus, choose wisely and open the magic of the mystery box to level up quickly.

Get free coins

If you are a match master game lover then, you must know that it’s quite easy to purchase boosters with free coins. So, you will be amazed to know that the game gives you 10 free coins and you have to go to the top right corner of the game. There, what you need to do is just watch a short video and the coins are all yours. Thus, you can use these coins wherever you want and have fun.


On the whole, these were some of the simplest tricks and tips for Match Masters. Thus, with these tips, you can easily win the game and score high without getting a tough time. Moreover, the game is offering additional free coins, rewards, and boosters to help you win. We tried to guide you in the easiest way possible and hopefully following these tricks can lead you towards an epic win.

Hence, if you want to explore more tips and tricks about such games then, keep visiting our site. Furthermore, you can directly contact us in case of any queries.

Happy Gaming!

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