When is The Next Set Blast on Coin Master 2024?

If you are a regular coin master player then, you must be aware of the fact that this game is very tricky. You must be assuming how it can be tricky and what’s the meaning of it, right? So, it means that the player usually doesn’t know about the coming events. The events come and go within a few hours.

It is very important to take into account the events happening in detail. These events are the source of gifts and prizes. Thus, following and participating in these events can take you to a good position in the game.

In coin master, the set blast is a unique event, and here is the guide about when is the next set blast on coin master 2024. I know you must be looking around for the complete guide. So, here it is for you. Give it a complete read and enjoy.

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What should you know about the set blast event in Coin Master?

Set Blast is a premium event in coin master gameplay. This event brings multiple gifts and surprises for the players. So, the best thing about this event is that you get a 30% reward when you complete the mission.

The mission of this event is to complete the full set of cards. Thus, when you complete the card set then, there is a rush of coins, XP, cheats, and more. The 30% contributes to 13000+ spins, 65000 pet XP, and more.

When a set blast event in Coin Master happen?

There is no specific time for this set blast event to happen in coin master. The players should be very careful with such events. Therefore, it is suggested to keep checking every hour. This set blast event happens for about 1 to 2 hours and comes 2 to 3 times a week. So, if you want to redeem your maximum 30% reward then, it is important to keep your eyes on events.

How to participate in a set blast event?

As mentioned in the above section you should complete the set of cards to play this event. This is a very precious and prime event. Thus, some efforts are required to play this event and there is a complete way to get a complete card set. Want to see the ways? Let’s go then.

Normal card set

Normal card sets are very easy to complete. So, what you have to do is just look around your friends. Your friends must have the card and you can take them from your friends. In this way, it would be quite simple to complete the set. Another way is to buy a chest and then, take this normal card to complete the set.

Golden card set

The first method is the same as the normal card in which you have to buy the chest and then complete the set. Another method is to look for a joker card and this will automatically give you the complete collection. Hence, the golden card which is a joker card could be another way towards these card sets. Viking events are important here and without passing them you cannot get the golden card.


Now you have enough information about when the next set blast in coin master is 2024. So, you should keep alert for such unique events. These events are the main source of progress in the game. Thus, download the game and start playing to unveil the hidden secrets.

If you still have any confusion about the event then, So the comment box is only for you.

Happy Event Hunting!

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