Crazy Fox: How to Build a Village World (Complete Guide)

There is no doubt that crazy fox village is one of the most popular games among all generations. The reason for its popularity is its user-friendly interface, quality graphics, and easy-to-use features. Additionally, the game captivates the attention of players with the best gaming strategies and the challenges that come across.

Here we will explore the ways and means to build a village world in a crazy fox. It wouldn’t be too difficult but tricky and implying the directions can make you successful without putting much effort.

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Ways To Build a Village World in Crazy Fox

If you are a crazy fox lover then, you might know that you have to pass 5 levels and the respective upgrades to build the whole village. Similarly, there would be 25 items with which you will construct the village with respective coins. In this way, you complete one level or village and start building a new one in the next level.

Here are some things to follow while building a village in a crazy fox.

Display Build Screen

This one is the simplest step to follow and here you just need to tap on the screen. So, after tapping the build option from the menu will come on the display screen. Now you have come into the building mode. Thus, keep hustling and you will get somewhere.

Select Build Option

Select the build option but here you might get confused because you have to choose the one. So, the one button is the quick build option. On the other hand, the second is the hammer option and this option manages all the resources for you.

Furthermore, in this option, you can manage to build and this can happen after going into the VIP section. There are two scenarios in both modes because, in the quick build button, you cannot cool the coins. Therefore, you have to tap on the button before selecting the mode and collecting the available coins.

Manage resources

So, in the game the main deal is to manage the resources and technical thrive in the game. Many gamers manage to get codes and collect resources. Therefore, it’s good to be proactive and wisely select the gaming mode. Additionally, this game has come up with limited options and you should try to get maximum upgrades.

Upgrade levels

This is another important point to recall because there would be a total of 25 levels with various upgrades. Therefore, it is crucial to pass all the levels and win upgrades. It would be quickly overwhelming for you in terms of the cost. But once you get upgrades there will be no need to invest anything here. Moreover, the coins can help you with this concern.


In short, it’s quite easy to build a village world in a crazy fox game. You have to manage the resources, go into the building mode and everything will settle down. So, if you are still confused in this regard then, no worries we have got experts. You can directly message us your all queries and we’ll resolve them for sure.

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