How to Feed the Family in Family Island? Ultimate Guide

Are you a Family Island game lover and love to play around the household? If it is so then, you are in the best spot. You all know that on a family island, you have to build a whole spacing space for you and your family. So, the living place is not just about the habitat but about everything needed to support a whole family.

On the Family Island, you have to feed your family and there will be the need hell of a lot of energy for this. Therefore, you should be ready for all the circumstances and events. Here is the ultimate guide to feeding your family on the family island. Look up the below-mentioned details.

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How to feed your family on Family Island?

Before moving towards the details we would like to tell you that this game offers you a guide. Yes, you can see the tutorial of this game. So, when you see that video it means you have done some requirements to start cooking. Now let’s get to the further details.

Start Cooking on Hearth

So, this one is the most important element to start feeding your family. Without a hearth, you cannot even think of feeding them. Therefore, use the cooking station and complete your required items first. Thus, being a player in the game you have to check up on salt, spices, vegetables, and other ingredients required to cook for the family. If the ingredients are not available then, you have to harvest the fresh vegetables and arrange other spices as well.

Serve the Food

Now the time comes when you serve the food to the family. So, firstly arrange the food and then, serve it on the table. When you are done cooking then click on the table and the food will appear before you. Thus, there you will see the three boxes and you have to drag the food in these boxes. In this way, it’s quite exciting to feed your family on a family island.

Make them Eat

So, after serving the food the time comes to spoon-feed them. Therefore, for this purpose, you will need to click on the plate and put some food in it. Now start feeding them food with a fork and knife. Additionally, when you click on the family members you will see their energy requirements. Thus, feed them well according to their needs.

Gain Rewards

The time has come for which you were waiting for so long. So, the game is about feeding the family and gaining excessive energy. Therefore, as soon as you feed the family you will feel an intense rush of energy in your life span. You should clear the table and collect the rewards afterward. Furthermore, you can use this gained energy for the next levels and further food preparations.

What is the meaning of “Dinner Table Full” in Family Island?

In the family island gameplay “Dinner Table Full” means that there is no space for another dish to be cooked. When you begin to cook on hearth the game menu shows this option. Therefore, the dinner table gets full of the dishes and it would become hard to find space.

You can solve this issue by feeding your family one of the dishes. In this way, you can feed the family well and can create some more space for another dish to cook. So, never leave your hungry family alone and feed them properly with various dishes to gain excessive energy.

What is the meaning of “Everyone is full” on Family Island?

If you are a family island player then, you must know that you gain energy by feeding the family. So, you cook food and serve them to eat. Therefore, when you see the “everyone is full” message on display it means there is no space for excessive energy.

Thus, you should stop feeding them food because it will not be worth it. Even though you keep serving them food, there would be no gain in such a situation.

Final Words

On the whole, it has cute gameplay and is very simple to perform. So, try these tips and feed the best food to your family on the family island.

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