Merge Guide – Merge Equipment Chart, Tree Table

Are you looking for the merge guide? Are you searching for how to merge equipment, charts, or tree tables? If it is so then, don’t go anywhere else because we have got you and will tell you each detail.

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In the merge game, the main aim of a player is to face various situations. The players are equipped with various tools to fight and pass through the situation. There are many skills given to the players and these skills get upgraded after every mission.

Now talking about merging, how can we forget to talk about merging equipment, charts, or tree tables, right? So, these merging processes are to take you toward the advanced level. You can unlock various gifts like weapons, gloves, boots, tech parts, armor, necklaces, and more.

Furthermore, you should know that every piece of equipment has its grade and value. So, the red equipment is the best one. Gold equipment is an expensive but epic one and when we talk about purple then, its has the top level. Thus, coming towards blue, green, and gray they are better, good, and of standard grades respectively.

How can you Merge Equipment in

If you are worried about merging and upgrading equipment then, stay calm because here you’ll get every detail. So, merging equipment in is not a complex but a technical process. You should remember that to upgrade the equipment you will need some resources. Thus, these resources are not money but some weapons and other accessories like gloves, belts, etc.

Therefore, what you need to do is just go into the game lobby. There you will see the merge button which you have to press. The red merge button will start the upgrade of your equipment but in some cases. Thus, the situation is that you must have enough sources to continue the updates and without them, you cannot move ahead.

Now you must have the information that merging these equipment and tech parts will benefit you in many ways. Therefore, the first benefit will be that you can get advanced levels in the game and easily win. The second thing is that you can upgrade your character, equipment, and additional skills. Thus, there are many benefits of merging and upgrading equipment in

Hence, be more strong and upgraded to get the win. Furthermore, if you don’t have the sources then, collect them first. There are many ways to get merging done but you cannot do this without an empty wallet. So, collect some and then go for it.

How to merge the Chart and Tree Table in

The process to merge the chart and tree table in remains the same as the equipment. You can get upgrades from good to better and from better to best. Thus, there are complete ways to do so and you can easily do it without any difficulty.
Merge from standard to good

So, this one is the simplest way because here you will need only three matching tech parts. Therefore, you can move from gray to green easily. You just need to find those matching tech parts and get these instant good updates. Thus, get this done and tap on the merge button.

Merge from good to better

This one is more important than the previous one. So, for going from green which is called good to blue which is called better you should have tech parts. Now this process is the same as the previous one. You will require three matching tech parts and there you go. Thus, don’t be anxious about this because you will automatically get upgrades.

Merge from better to excellent

Now this one is not similar to the previous ones where you had to find the three matching tech parts. Therefore, to move from better to excellent you will require three parts of better equipment. Hence, you will need three parts of the upgraded equipment which you moved from good to better. This process or level may take time because here you have to create three better equipment parts first.


Is the merging process different for equipment, charts, and tree tables?

Yes, almost the same because from the same lobby, you have to press the merge button. However, the requirements to merge are different for both. Therefore, some upgrades demand the three tech parts, come three better equipment parts, etc.

How do you get upgrades in

It is very simple to get upgrades from good to better, better to excellent, excellent to excellent +1. from excellent +1 to excellent +2, and lastly from excellent +2 to epic or legendary level. Therefore, the game is quite fascinating to play with these merging updates.

Final Words

All in all, you can easily level up by reading this merge game guide. So, start playing and merging now to be the best at this gameplay.


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