How to Get Mysterious Fossils in Travel Town (Easy Ways)

Here you will get the complete guide about how to get mysterious fossils in a travel town game. The Travel Town game is all about exploring and searching for ancient items. So, gamers who love to explore and search history will get addicted to this game.

Now let’s discover the simple ways to get mysterious fossils level 1 in Travel Town with this complete game guide. You can explore about 500 precious items here which will be worth it.

Tips To Get Mysterious Fossils In Travel Town

If you are playing Travel Town and finding it hard to explore the mysterious fossil then, read this post. So, here are some of the easiest tips to discover the Travel Town game map. Additionally, this guide will help you in getting on the right track.

Dig with a beach bucket

Firstly, you should keep digging deep on the beach with your beach bucket. This will help you in finding helpful items like letters, maps, and several things. Therefore, use your bucket and find out the maps which will lead you toward the mysterious fossils.

Merge the items

This game is about fiction and you have to produce plus discover the places at the same time. In this step, you have to merge the letter and maps. Now you might be thinking about this merge, right? So, let me tell you that this is about discovering an island. Thus, this will be the island where you will start your research.

Produce fossils

Here you will need to tap on the above-discovered island and produce fossils. Travel Town is all about imagination and the production of your thoughts. So, you have to produce first and then, discover things on your own.

Complete mystery

In this step, the player will need to complete the mystery. There will come many challenges, missions, and mysteries. So, you will need to complete those puzzles and mysteries. Therefore, you can explore the second fossil this way.

Continue mystery orders

Travel Town will keep giving you mysteries and puzzles to solve. Therefore, your task will be to produce and resolve those mysteries. You have to be very careful in this concern and should complete the mystery in sequence. Hence, this way you can easily explore the parts of the final fossil.

What are important things to remember in a Travel Town?

In this section, you will get to explore some important things to remember while discovering the mysterious fossils. Find this out below.

Boost your energy

So, while using your beach bucket to get letters and maps you should go to level 9. You have got my point right that if you want to discover the items then, reach level 9 first. Thus, in this way, you can easily find maps and important letters. Furthermore, for this process in a travel town, you will require more energy along with space.

Get mysterious fossil half

This is another revelation that I am opening up to you. After getting the maps and letters you will need to merge them. Therefore, when you do so then, there will be the discovery of another island. This will be the island from where you can start your journey. Hence, produce an island where you can only search for half a mysterious fossil half.

Complete orders for another fossil half

You should keep in mind that if you are playing this game then, be very patient. Therefore, when you get the orders in a travel town it will be your duty to complete them. Thus, the old lady will give you 10 various orders. You should try them to complete as soon as possible and win the other fossil half.

FAQs – On How to Get Mysterious Fossil

Q. What if I couldn’t be the mysterious fossil in a travel town?

This is all about luck and gaming strategy. So, don’t get disappointed in this situation and try to put your efforts first. This is just an entertainment game and if you could get the mysterious fossil then, no worries. Hence, don’t get stressed and enjoy the game without being concerned about anything else.

Q. How to use energy in a travel town?

Your energy will drain out while using the beach bucket and searching for mysterious fossils. So, in this game, you will need maximum energy and power to dig deep. The fossils on the island are not easy to explore.


In short, Travel Town is interesting gameplay but unpredictable as well. Now you know how to get mysterious fossils in a travel town. But it is not sure that you will explore them all and you can face disappointment as well. Hence, don’t get cautious and play the game with all your heart.

If you are still confused about anything regarding the game then, you can contact us. Our site will be bringing a lot more exciting game content.

Stay tuned! 

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