How to Trade Monopoly Go Stickers? Complete Guide

Are you looking for a complete guide about how to trade Monopoly Go Stickers? If yes then, you have stooped by the right spot. In this guide, I am going to tell you about the complete process of trading along with the advantages and terms plus conditions. So, you should know that you must have a copy of your sticker collection in the game because without it you cannot trade them. In addition to this, you can trade your stickers with your friends only.

Let’s have detailed information about this trading process.

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Tips to Trade Monopoly Go Stickers With Friends

You can trade your stickers with your friend list and can make this game more exciting. Now, the question arises that when you enter the game there will be two or more duplicates of the sticker collection. Thus, when you go to the trading option you can see those copies. So, it is necessary to have a complete copy of the collection before trading.

  • Go to the sticker collection
  • Check out the stickers duplicated there
  • There will be complete albums in your collection
  • Thus, choose the stickers you want to trade
  • Now choose the send button and go to the friend list
  • After this select the friends to whom you want to send stickers
  • So, tap done and they will get your gift instantly

You should remember that you cannot trade all the stickers because some are yours only. Thus, golden stickers are like this and you cannot trade them. Additionally, you will need to log in with Facebook to trade the stickers with friends. Also, there are a limited number of stickers that you can share with your friends in a day.

How to get and trade the golden stickers?

It is not possible to trade the golden stickers in the game. These stickers are the most precious and expensive ones. Furthermore, the current version doesn’t support this feature. Some players with the highest ranking can get this golden card sticker. Additionally, they wish to trade these duplicate stickers which is quite difficult. Thus, keep on waiting till the new update about this feature comes into the spotlight.

There is one more thing that I would like to add up here. If you want to have the golden cards then, choose from blue, green, or purple. Moreover, keep your ranking high and increase your winning rate. This increases your chance of having the golden stickers and trading with friends afterward. So, never give up, and keep on trying.


Is it easy to get golden stickers in Monopoly Go?

No, it’s very rare to get the golden stickers in the Monopoly Go game. Some cards offer these stickers and these cards are very expensive. Furthermore, players with a good gaming record can enjoy this leverage.

Can I share stickers with a non-friend player?

No, it is not possible to trade the stickers with an unknown player. The reason is that you have to log in with your Facebook account. Thus, there is a friend list from where you choose people to send strikers. Hence, it would be impossible to send them to an unknown one.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Monopoly Go is an adventurous gameplay and no one can resist it. So, the game becomes more exciting with these rare events like sharing stickers, etc. We have discussed here the complete process of how to trade stickers with friends in Monopoly Go. I hope you have gotten it right and will find it easy to apply. Hence, go to the game, play, and have fun sharing premium stickers with your friends. 

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