How To Merge Houses In Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the most popular games in the gaming world. The game has got the attention of millions of gamers. So, in this cookie-run kingdom, you will have to build a cookie house. But firstly there will be the need to bake cookies and for that star jellies are the main ingredients. Thus, to level up in the game there will be the need for more cookie houses.

Additionally, in turn for this process there you will require more space. In cookie run kingdoms you will have to merge the houses when the number of houses increases. Therefore, here we are to explain how to merge houses in a cookie-run kingdom. There is nothing difficult in merging houses but you have to be very careful in the whole process.

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How To Merge Houses In Cookie Run Kingdom?

Merge a House in Cookie Run Kingdom

The whole process is all about building a huge mansion due to a lack of space. Therefore, follow these steps below and level up in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Firstly level up the two cookie houses
  • You should remember to level them up at the 5 level
  • So, after this tap on one of the houses and hold on
  • The house will get into your reach and control
  • Now drag the house onto the other house
  • In this way, keep on clicking the blue merge button as well
  • Thus, one by one you can easily build the big cookie mansion

How to split the cookie mansion in a Cookie Run Kingdom?

So, in the above section, you have to know about the process of merging cookie houses. You must have known about building the mansion. Now in this guide, I will tell you about slitting the mansion. Thus, just like merging and building a mansion the process to split the mansion is easier.

In the process of splitting the cookie mansion, you have to do the same process. Thus, some of the steps are quite different but the rest of the method is the same. So, again go to the mansion and click on the orange button. This orange button will split up the cookie houses from the mansion and drag it outwards. Hence, you can easily drop the whole mansion into respective cookie houses.


What are the advantages of the cookie mansion?

There are no premium advantages of the cookie mansion. So, the only advantage of this mansion is that you will get to save space. Additionally, there will be the need for only one sugar pill to level up the mansion. Other than that, the mansion doesn’t produce more star jellies which is a drawback in the cookie-run kingdom.

Final Words

All in all, I tried to briefly guide you about how to merge houses in the Cookie Run Kingdom. The best thing is to follow directions and build a mansion for convenience. Thus, this is a very simple gameplay and there’s no need for any extra card. Hence, keep on building cookie houses and mansions to reach the next level.

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