How to Get Stars in Pet Master (Complete Guide)

This article is for all the Pet Master Game champions and lovers. Pet Master is not just a normal game but a complete source of joy. Every player wants to play an epic game and lead till the end. So, when you get a win in pet master then, it shows stars on your display board.

These stars are proof of your skills and strategic win. Most of the players look for a complete guide about how to get stars in the pet master game. Therefore, here you will get all the answers and before starting playing don’t forget to read this simple guide.

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Simple Tricks To Get Stars in Pet Master Game

It is the ultimate wish of every player to see stars on their progress board. Stars are a sign of victory and joy for gamers on the display board. Pet master is the gamer where players get maximum chances to get multiple stars. Thus, it is not a complex task to win and collect stars.

Here are some of the tricks to follow and get multiple stars in pet master.

Get New Cards

As you know, cards have great importance in the pet master game. These cards can give you complete access to various items and help you with purchases. So, whenever you get a new card and put it in your collection you get some stars on your board. It is the simplest way to get stars after collecting as many new cards as you can in the game.

Construct a Village

I would say that for all the simple gameplay lovers, pet master is the best one to choose. This is a game with no fuss. Players can easily play, construct, attack, collect, and win in this game. So, talking about getting stars in pet master is quite easy. You just need to build a village like usually you do and you will automatically get stars on your gaming board.


It is important to take into account that when your opponent attacks on the village then, you lose your stars. In this condition, it is important to be safe from any kind of attack or damage to items. But don’t be too upset, because you can get your stars back after repairing the damage in your village.

Final Remarks

I hope you have got the best details about how to get stars in pet master. This guide will surely help you in getting maximum stars on your board. Additionally, these stars are a sign of great progress in the game. You get to the advanced level after achieving these stars and can use them as keys in some situations.

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