How to Get Land Deeds on Hay Day (Best Easy Ways)

This post is about how to get land deeds in hay day. You must know that hay day is the most popular game with epic gameplay. Many players want to get some directions for obtaining land deeds on hay day. Some have the basic information while others know nothing. Thus, for your convenience, I have brought this guide to you.

Have a look and get ease on getting land deeds.

Land deeds on Hay Day?

Hay Day Land Deeds Guide
Land Deeds

Hay Day is a game about building your world, your farm, building, crops, and more. So, in hay day, land deeds are the precious items that allow you many perks. The perks are in the form of more space where you can construct more buildings, states, crops, and more. Thus, to get those lands and space you will require a specific number of land deeds.

Here you will find the easy ways to get those land deeds. So, keep looking around here.

Useful Ways To Get Land Deeds on Hay Day

How to Get Land Deeds in Hay Day (1)

There are some simplest ways to get land deeds in hay day. You can do this by exchanging items. Getting advanced levels and through many more methods. When you get land deeds the size of your farm increases which in turn opens more ways for you.

Feed your pets
Hay Day Feed Your Pets for Land Deeds (1)
Feed Your Pets

This is one of my favorite methods to opt in on hay day. I am an animal lover and for that reason, I love to feed my pets. Thus, it is an epic way to get the land deeds on hay day. What you will have to do here is that you feed your pets in a good way. When the pets get back to the farm for sleep then, after a while, you should wake them up. In this way, you get some amazing gifts and XP along with the land deeds.

Wheat your crops
Hay Day Weating for Land Deeds (1)
Weating & Get Bonus

Wheating or harvesting is another simple method to win the land of deeds in hay day. This method has won the hearts of many. You can use this method to improve your farm condition as well. In this method, the players plant crops, water and nourish them, harvest the crops, and then sell them. Thus, the players earn money, improve farm conditions and get land deeds as well. Hence, this method has come along with premium benefits.

Collect from roadside shops
Roadside Shop

Roadside shops are the best with reasonable rates. These are premium shops for buying land deeds for hay day. The roadside shops have many useful things to buy in the game. We recommend you try the advanced farms with more area and space. Those farms will have something great to sell or donate. Additionally, it is good to check Greg’s place because he is good at selling these items.

Mystery Box, Fortune Wheel, Farm Pass, Bonuses, etc

Hay Day is a game with lots of surprises. The developers want to make the players relaxed and make them enjoy the game. Thus, you get mystery boxes, bonuses, farm passes, and much more. These boxes, passes and fortune wheels can be the source to collect land deeds for free. So, you should try your luck and look for these items. Collect them and check whether they have land of deeds’ prizes for you or not.


These were some of the best ways to get land of deeds in hay day gameplay. I hope you have enjoyed the review and will do your best in the game. So, try it now and have a fun day ahead.

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