How to Get Free Diamonds in My Cafe (Working Tips & Tricks)

In this guide, you will know about how to get free Diamonds in My cafe (working tips & tricks). My Cafe has epic gameplay and also provides free diamonds to players. But there are very few pieces of free diamonds in the game. Otherwise, you will have to buy them in exchange for money. So, let’s get straight to this guide and know more about free diamonds.

Tips & Tricks To Get Free Diamonds in My Cafe

Here are some of the best working tips & tricks to get free diamonds in my cafe game.

Invite a mate

This is a very easy tip to get free diamonds in the game. You can call your friend in the game through the invitation link. So, the game demands you to invite at least three friends through social media. Therefore, when you invite them and they join them, ultimately you get 1500 free diamonds in the game.

Ads and videos

Many players find it irritating to watch videos and ads in the game. We must agree with you that these videos and ads are irrelevant. But the best thing about them is that you will get free perks after watching them. So, keep watching the ads plus videos to win 10 free diamonds daily.

Additional perks

The My Cafe gameplay is very unique and exciting. Furthermore, the game gives the players many benefits. You can win many bonuses in the game with at least seven tickets. Therefore, keep playing and winning the free prizes.

Treasure boxes

The gift or treasure boxes will give you multiple surprises. So, try to find out the free diamonds in these gift boxes. You will be amazed to know that every box has something special for you.

Lend diamonds

If you give some loan to Koffsky then, he will give this back to you with a double. Yes, this is a great advantage here. So, try to lend Koffsky as many diamonds as you can and get the double in return.

Get win

This is the most common method to get free diamonds. So, play this game with full heart and mind to get the epic win. Thus, when you win in the game then, automatically the game generates free diamonds for you.

Daily Rewards of seasons

You will be glad to know that in My Cafe gameplay, you will get daily rewards. So, it would be no surprise that there will be 1 to 3 diamonds waiting for you daily. The seasons in the game consist of 3 weeks and each day has some extra free diamonds for players.

Complete levels

Just like winning and upgrades when you level up in the game there will be free diamonds for every player. Therefore, it is so simple to win anything for free in My Cafe.

Link Social Accounts

Lastly, link your social account with the You’re My Cafe gaming account. In this way, you will be able to take part in several activities and competitions. Thus, when you do this the game offers you multiple chances to earn free diamonds and many other rewards.


On the whole, you can get free diamonds in My Cafe very smoothly. So, follow these easy working tips & tricks to win free diamonds in the game. Furthermore, try to play this game with your friends because this will be more fun.

We keep on updating the game’s reviews and further details. So, stay connected and keep exploring epic game guides here.

Have a good day ahead!

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