How to Get a Golden Ticket in Solitaire Grand Harvest?

Solitaire grand harvest is amazing and fun gameplay. This game has attracted many pro gamers and is getting fame worldwide. In this game, a golden ticket is the most important thing to choose. Most of the players don’t get this ticket and don’t know the tricks to get it. Thus, this post is about how to get a golden ticket in the solitaire grand harvest game.

What is the Golden Ticket in the Solitaire Grand Harvest?

If you were seeking a guide about golden tickets in solitaire grand harvest then, your search must have ended now. So, the golden ticket is just like a pass which is the key to various locked items. In the solitaire game, you have a display screen where you get the rewards.

When we talk about this game then, it is very easy to understand. The main challenge of this game is to unlock the red-circled items. There is a requirement to unlock these red items and which is the golden ticket. If you have the golden ticket then, you can get these items on the upper display screen.

Tips to Get a Golden Ticket in Solitaire Grand Harvest

You will easily get the golden ticket after completing the main task in the game. There will be an aquatic display in the game and there is a boat for your progress. When you complete the task the boat moves ahead. In this way, you get near to your win after unlocking the maximum number of items.

So, when you complete the challenges and missions in the game there will be multiple gifts for you. With these gifts and free rewards, you can buy items. The items can be useful for buying or getting a golden ticket. But, you should remember that the golden ticket can be useful for one level. At the next level, you have to buy this again and again.


The player needs to know that the golden ticket and its perks are for one season only. You will have to buy this for next season. You must be thinking why it is so, right? So, this is because the ticket expires and becomes useless for you in the game. The players should use them as soon as possible and hunt the new ones in the next travel stage.


On the whole, it is not that simple to get the golden ticket in solitaire grand harvest gameplay. But you should remember that with the right strategy and wise play you can win it in no time. Additionally, we keep posting such guides and you can read them for more help.

Golden tickets come for free as well but there is a need for maximum points. When you use these golden tickets for getting the red-colored products, it boosts your energy in the game. So, keep hunting for precious gifts and be a pro at it.

Download the game, buy a golden ticket, and rock in the game.

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