Family Island Lucky Shovel – Complete Guide

If you are a beginner at family island then, this guide is for you. We are going to explain here the Family Island luck shovel complete guide. This guide will make it easy for you to play the game and win exciting gifts. Thus, the lucky shovel will be one of them and you can use this shovel for many useful purposes.

The lucky shovel is no less than a blessing for a family island player. The best thing about this shovel is that you can earn it in initial levels. Thus, this shovel helps you search for more items and ultimately getting epic progress in the game.

So, don’t miss any detail and find out your way towards the family island lucky shovel.

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Family Island Game Guide

The family island is an easy-to-play game with a user-friendly interface. There will be no difficulty in understanding this game and every beginner can learn it in no time. So, the game is about completing the missions or quest that comes one by one. On completing the challenges the gamer is awarded with premium prizes.

Therefore, there will be different prizes at each level and these gifts can help you with further challenges. Some players cannot win these gifts after losing the quest. Thus, the drawback here is that they will need to buy those items in the game. These gifted items are the real essence of the game and the lucky shovel is one of them.

How to find a lucky shovel in a Family Island?

Lucky shovel family Island

The lucky shovel in the family island is not difficult to find and you can easily level up with it. So, talking about its unlock method then, there is a regular quest that the player has to complete. When the player completes level 6 there comes a lucky shovel along with the gold key, saw, and many more things.

Thus, this shovel is the most precious of all because it helps the players to dig deep and discover the hidden chest full of treasures. This lucky shovel can be the golden key to locked doors and you can explore many more treasures with this shovel.


Q1. Where to search for a lucky shovel?

You should look into the pig bags near the map that is available near the pyramids. This family island game offered a complete map in the game. Thus, players can use these maps to locate hidden treasures.

Q2. What can be explored using a lucky shovel?

The lucky shovel is the key to a locked chest. The locked chest contains items, coins, food, a hearth, and many more things. Thus, the players can make food and feed their families well after finding this lucky shovel. There can be more than 3 lucky shovels waiting for you in the game.

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