Family Island Lucky Magnifying Glass – Complete Guide

Here you will get the complete guide about What is the lucky magnifying glass in the Family Island game. If you are a beginner at Family Island and reveal hidden spots then this page is only for you. This guide aims to simplify the game for you, enhancing your experience and helping you win exciting gifts. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of this magnifying glass and find how it can amplify luck in our lives.

When activated, the lucky magnifying glass would reveal hidden spots or objects that you could interact with to obtain resources, energy, or other in-game benefits. It’s a tool to help players discover hidden surprises on their islands.

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What is Lucky Magnifying Glass?

Family Island Lucky Magnifying Glass

This tool probably helps in finding hidden clues or details, as magnifying glasses are often associated with inspecting objects closely. It may be used in conjunction with the puzzle mentioned, possibly to reveal the treasure map.

How to find Lucky Magnifying Glass in Family Island?

Lucky Magnifying Glass in Family Island is typically an item that can help you find hidden treasures or objects on your island. Here’s a general guide on how to find and use the Lucky Magnifying Glass:

Tasks and Quests: Lucky Magnifying Glasses are often rewards for completing specific tasks, quests, or events within the game. Check your task list or quest log for any objectives that might lead to obtaining the Lucky Magnifying Glass.

New Areas: Occasionally, new areas or expansions on your island might hide the Lucky Magnifying Glass. Explore and unlock new regions to discover hidden items and rewards.

Also, you can find a lucky magnifying glass in the In-Game Store, participate in events, and complete Achievements.

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How do you use the Lucky magnifying glass on Family Island?

Here’s how you might interpret the use of the lucky magnifying glass.

  • Finish the Puzzle: Complete the puzzle associated with the Fortune Quest.
  • Reveal the Treasure Map: Once the puzzle is solved, it reveals a treasure map.
  • Go to the Indicated Place on the Map: Follow the instructions on the treasure map to reach a specific location on Family Island.
  • Chop Down Resources: Use the lucky shovel to chop down resources at the indicated location.
  • Chest of Fortune Pops Out: Chopping down the resources triggers the appearance of the “Chest of Fortune.”
  • Use the Tools to Open the Chest of Fortune: This is where the lucky magnifying glass, along with the other tools like the key of fortune and lucky shovel, comes into play. You would likely use the magnifying glass to inspect or interact with certain elements of the chest or the surroundings.
  • Grab Your Reward: Once the chest is successfully opened using the tools, you can claim your reward.


Q. How do I Obtain the Lucky Magnifying Glass?

You will receive the Lucky Magnifying Glass as part of the tools set when embarking on a Fortune Quest in Family Island.

Q. When is the Lucky Magnifying Glass Used in the Game?

The Lucky Magnifying Glass is used after completing a puzzle associated with the Fortune Quest. It comes into play when trying to open the Chest of Fortune, which is revealed after following the instructions on a treasure map.

Q. How Does the Lucky Magnifying Glass Interact with Other Tools?

The Lucky Magnifying Glass is part of a toolset that includes the key of fortune and a lucky shovel. Together, these tools are used to navigate the Fortune Quest, solve puzzles, and ultimately open the Chest of Fortune.

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