How to Get Eternal Necklace in (5 Easy Ways) is an epic gameplay with a thrill and action gaming strategy. The gameplay is designed keeping in mind the interest of players. The game comes with various tools and equipment that allow many abilities to players. So, talking about the equipment you should never forget that these are the keys to your epic success.

Yes, you have heard it exactly right, and with these keys, you can increase your ATK plus HP. This equipment also includes some necklaces. Thus, these necklaces play a vital role in getting boosters and leveling up to advanced stages. In this guide, you will get information about how to get an Eternal Necklace in

Let’s begin the important discussion.

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What is the role of the necklace in

It is stated that there are 6 pieces of necklaces provided in the game. These necklaces have a special role and function in the game. When you start playing the game and use these necklaces then, it will reveal its importance. The necklaces can help you in enhancing the HP and ATK stat which is awesome. Additionally, these necklaces help players in unlocking many premium tools and features. Use your necklaces now and get prime upgrades after merging.

Eternal Necklace in

Eternal Necklace Grade Chart

GradeGrade Skills
GoodThe higher the target’s HP, the more damage dealt
BetterATK +15%
ExcellentDeals additional damage to enemies with full HP
EpicATK +25%
LegendaryAll passive effects +15% in battle
Table Source:

Simple Tips To Get Eternal Necklace in

The eternal necklace in is one of the top and most powerful pieces of equipment of all. This one has the longest life and contributes a lot to the game. These pieces increase the ATK and ultimately your game level. You can get the eternal necklace in by following these simple tips.

Army crate

This is the first tip that I am going to share with you. The army crate offers many equipment including the eternal necklace. For this, you have to be at a certain level in the game and watch ads. Furthermore, there should be a good collection of gems in your wallet.

Daily purchase

You can find this one a bit costly because nothing can be free here. Yes, you have to buy the eternal necklace with your gem collection. But the choice is all yours whether you want to opt for this method or not.

S-Grade in-game

In there are several grades and you have to pass them first to unlock certain equipment. Thus, for the eternal necklace, there are some rules that every player has to follow. You can reach the S-grade stage after buying 300 gems. You level up once for 300 gems and can do the same for further levels.

Prime events

When the players start playing then, there is a high possibility of getting free rewards. So, the eternal necklace can be one of them which further proceeds the game to the next level.


Like other tips, this one is also very simple and easy. When you patrol in the game then, there are high chances of getting equipment in the form of rewards. Thus, try this tip to unlock the eternal necklace.


This was all about how to get an Eternal Necklace in We tried our best to brief all the details and summarize the tips for your ease. Now it’s up to you how you follow these strategies and get the best eternal necklace in this game.

Some players assume it is an extra effort but trust me it will be worth it. You can know its importance when you try to level up and lose all the gems. So, try these tips now and be the pro player.

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