Best Cultist Deck Rush Royale – Tips to Choose the Best Cultist Deck

If you are looking for a top guide to know about the Best Cultists Deck in Rush Royale then, here it is for you. You all know that Rush Royale is completely about beating enemies by using the deck towers.

These decks can overpower evil and have some special cards that can boost energies. In this game, the players can obtain the card from the lowest to the highest level and win this game accordingly.

In addition, it is important to match the best possibility when it comes to deck piling. Here you will find the ways to get the best cultists deck in rush royale. Without wasting time let’s move on and find those simplest ways.

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What are Cultist Deck in the Rush Royale?

It is an essential thing to know about the features of the game. Therefore, cultists are one of the things which the new rush royale gamers might not know. Let me explain to you that cultist is one of the premium cards in rush royale gameplay. This is the element of dark play in premium rush royale games and contains immense power to hands down multiple enemies at once.

If we talk more about this card then, there is a lot to explain here. It is one of the most powerful cards and contains several attack boosters. Additionally, the best thing about this cultist deck card is that you can level up without losing your mana. This card gives you more energy and mana to move forward after beating up the enemy in one go.

Tips to Choose the Best Cultist Deck in Rush Royale

Many options for rush royale gameplay offers to the users. The diversity and variety of these cultist decks in rush royale are amazing. Let’s have a glance.

Sword Deck

The cultist sword deck is the strongest one and is usually placed in the center. The players are instructed to surround this sword deck unit with other cultists’ units for more impact. When the players surround the sword deck with other cultists then, it doubles its boosters and absorbs all attacks. Additionally, the portal keeper also has its part in making this strategy successful.

Always remember that you should try to utilize as many cultist deck cards as you can. This will help you in boosting the levels in no time. In addition, the card should be buff enough to fight proudly with the bosses. The enchanted sword deck has prime abilities to boost up other cultists’ units.

Scrapper Deck

This one has the most similar properties as quoted in the above section. But the only thing that makes the difference here is the scrapper deck unit. So, the clear thing is that you will need to gather as many cultists as you can. In this way, you can level up and get rid of any undesirable cards. This strategy will lead you towards winning and overcoming the lethal bosses.

Bombardier Deck

Bombardier deck has multiple features and encourages players to take dare moves. So, this deck can be used to build up the strongest cultist unit. You have to keep it in the center surrounded by further power cultist units. It can use them all but in return, you can beat the bosses even with the high HP. Moreover, the best specification of this cultist deck is to shock enemies. Players are asked to use their portal keeper and reposition any negative card in the deck.

Chemist Deck

The name of this deck is opposing the damage but its main function is to cause damage. Yes, this deck can destroy the opponent deck and their tools as well. You will get multiple benefits from this deck because it comes with many specifications. So, here you have to recenter the most powerful cultist and place the other 4 cultists around this. It will help you in regaining energy and in beating up the enemy.

Tips for You

Here is a tip for you that you should use Harlequin to empower your dryad cards. Additionally, try to merge the cards in the initial stages because this can lead you toward instant boosters. Follow the complete game lineup and progress in minimum time.

Final Words

All in all, it is not a big deal to choose the best Cultist Deck in Rush Royale. I hope that this guide will help you in getting the best one. You can get the best output by following these simple tips and tricks. Rush royale is a strategic play and it needs technical skills to master this gaming skill. So, if you still have any queries in your mind then, you can ask without hesitation.

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