How to Attack Friends on Monopoly Go? Shutdowns Guide

In this article, you will explore how to attach friends on Monopoly Go. Furthermore, here you will get the Monopoly Go Shutdown Guide. So, start reading and the post will reveal many hidden secrets to you.

How to Attack Friends on Monopoly Go?

It is straightforward to attack friends on Monopoly Go and get unlimited precious prizes. So, the process begins with the menu bar where you have to find the attack button. The player should know that they can attack any player at the start.

Thus, after that, they can aim their second attack on friends from their friend list. On the other hand, the third attack will be conducted for the players to take revenge. Hence, you can easily cause them damage and claim premium rewards.

Monopoly Go Shutdown Guide?

The shutdown is another game in Monopoly Go and you can play this one on railroad tiles. The gameplay has the basic strategy in which you can target other players’ boards and attack them. So, you choose the landmark and tap on the attack button.

Furthermore, you should keep your target clear and do it with great force. Also, remember that the other players can resist that attack as well. They must have got the protection shields that keep them safe from your attacks.

Advantages of Attacking Friends Board in Monopoly Go

There are many benefits of knowing how to attack friends on Monopoly. So, you must read this review in full.

Thus, one of the best advantages that I like about attacking a friend’s board is the free rolls. In addition to this, you will get a protection shield to stay safe from attacks. There will be several options to choose the richest landmark and collect coins from there.


What should you know about a bank heist?

Bank is similar to shutdown and it’s a small game in Monopoly Go. The players land on the railroad and attack several banks. So, the players will be provided with various bank doors and they have to open them to collect the stolen money.

How to shop for products in Monopoly Go?

The easiest way to shop is from the free coins and the stolen money. You shouldn’t waste your money and coins. Therefore, use that money to buy something precious like dice rolls with which you can get to the top of the game.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all about how to attack friends on Monopoly Go. The Monopoly Go Shutdown complete guide must have given you an idea about your gaming moves. Thus, carefully follow the guide and be the master of this monopoly game.

Moreover, if you have any questions to ask then, you can contact us freely. Additionally, you will explore many informative articles like this. Stay here with us and enjoy the simple games guide to be a pro gamer. 

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